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Connexions Library

Cowardly New World: Alternative Media Under Attack by Algorithms
Sonnenblume, Kollibri terre
An insidious assault is underway against alternative media on the internet. Leftist and progressive websites have been suffering significant declines in traffic. Some have had online income sources cu...
Google's Eric Schmidt admits political censorship of search results
Niemuth, Niles
Recent remarks by the Executive Chairman of Google's parent company confirm charges that the company has been deliberately altering its search algorithms and taking other measures to prevent the publi...
Google's new search protocol is restricting access to 13 leading socialist, progressive and anti-war web sites
Damon, Andre; North, David
New data suggests that the implementation of changes in Google's search evaluation protocols resulted in a massive loss of readership of socialist, anti-war and progressive web sites.

Sources Library

Face recognition app taking Russia by storm may bring end to public anonymity
Big Brother is watching...
Walker, Shaun
FindFace, new app developed by 26-year-old Artem Kukarenko and 29-year-old Alexander Kabakov,compares photos to profile pictures on social network Vkontakte and works out identities with 70% reliabili...
Google will 'de-rank' RT articles to make them harder to find - Eric Schmidt
The Executive Chairman of Google's parent company Alphabet states that the company will engineer specific algorithms for news services RT and Sputnik to make their content less prominent on the search...