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Australian Mining Companies Digging A Deadly Footprint in Africa
Schilis-Gallego, Cecile
Schilis-Gallego discusses Australian mining companies' involvement in violence and human rights violations in Africa.
Connexions Library: Africa Focus
Selected articles, books, websites and other resources on Africa.
Copperbelt strike of 1935: Connexipedia Article
A strike action which performed by African mineworkers in the Copperbelt (then in Northern Rhodesia, today called Zambia) to protest against unfair taxes imposed by the British colonial authorities.
The Earth Grabbers: Fighting the Minerals-Petroleum-Coal Complex
Bond, Patrick; Sharife, Khadija
Climate justice means that the Minerals-Energy Complex will have to take the same course as apartheid.
Fatal Extraction: Australian Mining's Damaging Push Into Africa
Australian-listed mining companies are linked to hundreds of deaths and alleged injustices which wouldn’t be tolerated in better-regulated nations. The stories are from people across Africa, and are r...
Australian Mining Companies Digging A Deadly Footprint in Africa: Fatal Extraction: Australian Mining's Damaging Push Into Africa
Fitzgibbon, Will; Hamilton, Martha M.; Schilis-Gallego, Cécile
A pattern of links between mining activities and deaths, disfigurement, environmental destruction and displacement suggests a troubling track record for Australian companies seeking wealth from Africa...
Investigation Reveals 'Environmental Ruin' And Workers Rights Abuses
Fitzgibbon, Will
Broken promises to impoverished communities, serious environmental concerns and poor health and safety records linked to Australian mining companies have all been revealed by Africa’s largest ever col...

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Police in Tunisia's Gafsa mining region harass reporter for banned newspaper
Sources News Release
Reporters Without Borders is concerned about the way the police in Tunisia have been harassing political activist Ammar Amroussia in recent days. Amroussia writes for El Badil (Alternative), a banned ...