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Adblockers and Innovative Ad Companies are Working Together to Build a More Privacy-Friendly Web
Eckersley,Peter; Toner,Alan
Eckersley and Toner talk more about the coalition between tracker and ad-blocker companies that will respect a 'Do Not Track' policy.

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Google's new advertising program tracks offline line shoppers, violates privacy
Varlin, Josh
The privacy watchdog Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC) filed a formal complaint against Google alleging that the company's new advertising program violates consumer privacy.
Online Ad Company Adopts New 'Do Not Track' Standard for Web Browsing
Sources News Release
Adzerk Joins Coalition Delivering Stronger Privacy and a Way Forward in the Ad Blocking Impasse
Test Your Online Privacy Protection with EFF's Panopticlick
Sources News Release
The Electronic Frontier Foundation launched new online tracker-testing in its Panopticlick tool today, helping you analyze the privacy protections in your Web browser. New Feature Analyzes Your Web Br...