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Algonquins vs. Frontenac Ventures: Against The Current vol. 134
Marie, P.
I recently returned from a little-publicized “political hotbed” ignited by Frontenac Ventures Corporation (FVC), a private mining company causing grave injustices against the Ardoch First Nation commu...
Canada's Toxic Chemical Valley
Aamjiwnaang Solidarity members
About the effects of "Chemical Valley" in the Aamjiwnaang-Sarnia area.
Rebuilding communities: a type of resistance: Communities in the Amazon resort to constitutional rights to recover territories granted to mining companies.
Saavedra, Luis Ángel
In Tundayme, a parish located in the Cordillera del Cóndor in Ecuador's southern Amazon, the indigenous and peasant communities have decided to recover the territories of abandoned or forcefully evict...
Secwepemc Tribes Fight New Mines and Old Laws in British Columbia
Smallteacher, Richard
Indigenous activists burned down a bridge in British Columbia, Canada, to prevent Imperial Metals from starting a lead and zinc mine on the lands of the Secwepemc peoples. Local tribes say that the mi...
System Change Not Climate Change
McLaren, Jesse (ed.)
Stopping climate catastrophe and winning a world of climate justice is a critical task of our generation -- and it will require a radical transformation of society and of our relationship with nature....
When oil is more important than life: Oil exploitation leaves trail of pollution and death in the Peruvian Amazon
Moiola, Paolo
The dumping of oil waste into the waters of the Marañón, Corrientes, Pastaza and Tigre rivers and the Amazon forest is producing fatal consequences for the local population, mostly to the Kukama ethni...

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Great Lakes United
An international coalition of 170 environmental, hunter-angler, labour union and grassroots community organizations from Chicoutimi, Qu‚bec, to Duluth, Minnesota, dedicated to the protection and resto...

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Communities and Organizations Respond to National Energy Board Decision on Line 9
Sources News Release
Communities and Organizations Respond to National Energy Board Decision on Line 9. WHO: Sarah Harmer, NEB intervener and musician, Vanessa Gray, Aamjiwnaang First Nations and Sarnia Against Pipelines,...
Grand Council Treaty #3 supports Grassy Narrows in their stand for mercury justice and their stand against clear cut logging
Sources News Release
The Chiefs of Treaty #3 First Nations in assembly voted unanimously to support Grassy Narrows First Nation in their demands for mercury justice and an end to clear cut logging on their Homeland.
Grassy Narrows exposes government neglect of mercury survivors
Sources News Release
Thirty Grassy Narrows First Nation people will travel 1,800 km to Toronto to demand justice for mercury poisoning survivors, clean water, and respect for indigenous rights.
Panama's indigenous champion defies president's mining deal
Canadian-Korean consortium plans 30-year gold, silver and copper project
Helmore, Edward
In Panama the Ngabe-Bugle indigenous community fights to keep a Canadian copper mining company off their land.
Rising Tide Toronto launches "Line 9 Pledge of Resistance"
Sources News Release
Rising Tide Toronto launches Line 9 Pledge of Resistance. Group encourages civil disobedience to stop pipeline approved by NEB.