M N Roy 1925

Letter to Singaravelu
January 1925

Taken from Communism in India – Unpublished Documents, edited by the late Subodh Roy. National Archives of India F261 K.W.I/P278. The following letter found in the Security Service files was obviously intercepted by the security services, copied and then perhaps sent on. It is noted that the second longer letter (from Zurich and dated January 1925) is enclosed and has been photo-stated from the original. – Note by transcriber Ted Crawford.

Dear Com. Singaravelu,

Back again in the midst of the decaying capitalist civilization which still appears to have much pretensions. You must be struggling for the revival of our Congress when this: letter reached you. I have many many things to write you. But I am afraid your mail is watched and my letters do not reach you. If you have got my last the ideas of the Conference is known to you. Since the idea has been discussed and decided upon, we must prepare for the Conference which is very important. Your presence will be greatly appreciated. The delegates should reach here not later than the end of January. Detailed information and other aids for those coming will reach you as soon as possible. Please see if it is not at all possible for you to take a holiday. It will be so grand. E.L. Iyer will be very welcome. What he lacks will be forthcoming. Some one will say on the question before the delegates leave. So, you can assure them on that score.

Enclosed is the copy of a letter whose original has been sent straight to the addressee. See if it can be published in some paper. Perhaps Swadharma will do it. We must have the Conference. We depend on you for suitable people. The future depends on this. We must organise the new party. The country is ready. The voice is raised.

With greetings.