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1902: Dietzgen’s Philosophical Works
1907: Socialism & Religion
1907: The Social Democratic Party School in Berlin
1908: Labor Movement & Socialism
1908: Two Sorts of Reforms
1909: The New Middle Class
1909: Marx and Darwin
1910: Prussia in Revolt
1912: Marxist Theory and Revolutionary Tactics
1912: Hope in the Future
1912: Class Struggle and Nation
1915: Marxism as Action
1915: Liberal and Imperialist Marxism
1917: After the War Ends
1917: The Third International [PDF of same document]
1918: The German Revolution
1919: The German Election
1919: Socialisation
1920: The Universal Crisis
1920: Socialisation (Part I)
1920: Socialisation (Part II)
1920: World Revolution and Communist Tactics
1920: The New Blanquism
1922: Irish Communist Policy
1927: Social Democracy and Communism
1927: Farewell to Hermann Gorter
1933: The Personal Act
1933: Destruction as a Means of Struggle
1933: Individual Acts
1934: The Theory Of The Collapse Of Capitalism
1936: Party and Class
1936: Trade Unionism
1936: Workers' Councils [note: not to be confused with his book on the subject]
1936: State Capitalism and Dictatorship
1936: Party and Working Class
1937: Society and Mind in Marxian Philosophy
1938: Lenin as Philosopher
1938: General Remarks on the Question of Organization
1940: Why Past Revolutionary Movements Have Failed
1942: Materialism And Historical Materialism
1944: Anthropogenesis: A Study in the Origin of Man
1946: The Failure of the Working Class
1947: Workers' Councils (eBook)
1947: Religion
1947: Public Ownership and Common Ownership
1947: The Fight of the Working Class Against Capitalism
1948: Strikes
1948: Revolt of the Scientists
1952: Letter On Workers Councils
1952: The Politics Of Gorter
1953: Letter to Socialisme ou Barbarie




Further Reading

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Anton Pannekoek, 1960
On Pannekoek and Workers Councils,
Interview with Paul Mattick, 1975