Marx-Engels Subject Archive


On Pre-Capitalist Social Formations and the Peasantry

The German Ideology, Marx & Engels 1845

The Peasant War in Germany, Engels 1850

Precapitalist Economic Formations, Marx 1857

On Social Relations in Russia, Engels 1874

Transition from Ape to Man, Engels 1876

First draft of Letter to Vera Zasulich, Marx 1881

Engels to Marx, 8 December 1882

Engels to Marx, 15 December 1882

Engels to Marx, 16 December 1882

Engels to Marx, 22 December 1882

The Decline of Feudalism and the Rise of the Bourgeoisie, 1884

Origin of the Family, Private Property and the State, Engels 1884

Engels to Nikolai Danielson, 22 September 1892

Engels to Nikolai Danielson, 24 February 1893

Engels to Nikolai Danielson, 17 October 1893

On The History of Early Christianity, Engels 1894

Afterword to ‘On Social Relations in Russia’, Engels 1894

The Peasant Question in France and Germany, Engels 1894

Engels to Sorge, 10 November 1894

Engels to Karl Kautsky, 21 May 1895