Marx at his Study

Marxist Commentary of
Karl Marx’s

Synopsis of Capital, Engels 1868

      Commodities and Money
      The Transformation of Money into Capital
      The Production of Absolute Surplus-Value
      The Production of Relative Surplus-Value

Böhm-Bawerk's Criticism of Marx, Rudolf Hilferding 1904

Marx’s Economic Doctrine, Lenin 1914

Abstract Labour and Value in Marx's System, Rubin 1927
Essays on Marx's Theory of Value, Isaak Illich Rubin 1928

The Dialectics of the Abstract and Concrete in Marx's Capital, Evald Ilyenkov 1960

      Chapter 1: Dialectical & Metaphysical Conception of the Concrete
      Chapter 2 - The Unity of the Abstract & the Concrete as a Law of Thought
      Chapter 3 - Ascent from the Abstract to the Concrete
      Chapter 4 - Logical Development and Concrete Historicism
      Chapter 5 - The Method of Ascent from the Abstract to the Concrete in Marx’s Capital

Marx’s Theory of Alienation, Istvan Meszaros 1970

      The Origins of the Concept of Alienation
      The Genesis of Marx’ Theory of Alienation
      The Conceptual Structure of Marx’ Theory of Alienation

Marx’s Capital, Philosophy and Political Economy, Geoff Pilling 1980

      Marx’s critique of classical economics
      The Concepts of Capital
      The Significance of the opening chapters
      Some aspects of Marx’s notion of commodity fetishism

Marx's Grundrisse & Hegel's Logic, Hiroshi Uchida 1988

      Doctrine of Notion
      Doctrine of Being
      Doctrine of Essence

The Logic of Marx's Capital, Tony Smith 1990

‘Marginal Utility’ and Neo-classical Economics, Istvan Meszaros 1995

Must The Profit Rate Really Fall?, Jim Miller 1995

Hegel, Economics & Marx's Capital, Cyril Smith 1998