Works of Karl Marx

Hegel’s Construction of The Phenomenology [240]

Source: MECW, Volume 4, p. 665;
Written: presumably in November 1844;
First published: in Marx/Engels, Gesamtausgabe, Abt. 1, Bd. 5, 1932.

1) Self-consciousness instead of man. Subject — object.

2) The differences of things are unimportant, because substance is conceived as self-distinction or because self-distinction, the distinguishing, the mental activity is regarded as the essential. Within the framework of speculation Hegel therefore makes distinctions that really grasp the vital point. .

3) Abolition of estrangement is identified with abolition of okectivity (an aspect evolved by Feuerbach in particular).

4) Your abolition of the imagined object, of the object as object of consciousness, is identified with the real objective abolition, with sensuous action, practice and real activity as distinct from thinking. (Has still to be developed.)