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Encyclopedia of Marxism

The Life and Work of V. I. Lenin

The Encyclopędia Britannica 1939

Entry submitted by Leon Trotsky


V. I. Lenin The Story Of His Life, 1973

by Maria Prilezhayeva


Portraits of Lenin:

1918: by Anatoly Lunacharsky

Commissariat of Education

1922: by Louise Byrant

An American reporter, written from late 1921 to early 1923

1924: by Karl Kautsky

A German Socialist

1925: by Leon Trotsky

By one of Lenin’s closest co-thinkers

1933: by N.K. Krupskaya

Lenin's life-long companion


Interviews of Lenin:

1919: Chapter 13 & Chapter 28

Interviewed by Arthur Ransome, an English journalist, in his book Russia in 1919.

1919: by Ludovic Naudeau, March

Published in the The Manchester Guardian.

1919: by W. T. Goode, 21 October

An English reporter from The Manchester Guardian.