Tony Cliff

The employers’ offensive:
productivity deals and how to fight them


First published as a book in 1970. [1]
Reprinted in Tony Cliff, In the Thick of Workers’ Struggle, Selected Works Vol.2, Bookmarks, London 2002, pp.145-327.
Transcribed by Artroom, East End Offset (TU), London.
Marked up by Einde O’Callaghan for the Marxists’ Internet Archive.



1. The knowledge of many militant workers contributed to the writing of this book. If not for them this work could not have been written. The greatest help in contributions, advice, criticism and information was given by Chris Davison, Bernard Ross and Steve Jefferys. Also helpful were Terry Barrett, John CharIton, Roger Cox, Laurie Flynn, Vaughan Harrington, Bob Harrison, Fred Higgins, Jim Higgins, Nick Howard, George Kelly, Jim Kincaid, Jim Lamborn, Dave Peers, Roger Rosewell, Sabby Sagall, Fred Silberman, Bryan Simmons and John Southgate.

Special help in research was given by Nick Richmond. Thanks are due to Lionel Sims and Colin Barker for correcting the book – Tony Cliff, 15 February 1970


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