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Pierre Broue

Pierre Broué

(1926 – 2005)



1964: Remarks on the History of the Bolshevik PartyRevolutionary History magazine

1964: Germany 1921: The March Action

1967: Trotsky and the Spanish Revolution

1971: The History of the Bolshevik Party (CP) of the USSR (Chapters 7 through 11 only)

1972: Spartacism, Bolshevism and Ultra-Leftism in Face of the Problems of the Proletarian Revolution in Germany (1918–1923)Revolutionary History magazine

1975: The German Revolution 1917–1923 – book (extract)

1979: Walter HeldRevolutionary History magazine

1979: Rudolf KlementRevolutionary History magazine

1982: The “Bloc” of the Oppositions against Stalin in the USSR in 1932 (with Appendix) – Revolutionary History magazine

1982: The Parti Socialiste RévolutionnaireRevolutionary History magazine

1983: Bolivia, 9 April 1952: A Forgotten ‘February Revolution’?Revolutionary History magazine

1983: Chen Duxiu and the Fourth International, 1937–1942Revolutionary History magazine

1983: The Socialist Youth in Spain (1934–1936) – When Carrillo was a LeftistRevolutionary History magazine

1985: The German Left and the Russian Opposition (1926–28)Revolutionary History magazine

1985: How Trotsky and the Trotskyists confronted the Second World WarRevolutionary History magazine

1987: The Italian Communist Party, the War and the RevolutionRevolutionary History magazine

1988: The Bolshevik-Leninist FactionRevolutionary History magazine

1988: Kurt LandauRevolutionary History magazine

1988: The ‘May Days’ of 1937 in BarcelonaRevolutionary History magazine

1990: Van Heijenoort – A Trotskyist in New York in the Second World WarRevolutionary History magazine

1993: In Germany for the InternationalRevolutionary History magazine

1996: Trotskyism in PolandRevolutionary History magazine

1997: Five Years OnRevolutionary History magazine


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