Social Ecology

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The Great Lakes Primer
Cooper, Kathy; Millyard, Kai
An introduction to the environmental problems faced by the Great Lakes.
Marx and Nature: A Red and Green Perspective
Burkett, Paul
While recognizing that production is structured by historically developed relations among producers, Marx insists that production as a social and material process is shaped and constrained by natural ...
The Modern Crisis
Bookchin, Murray
The Philosophy of Social Ecology: Essays on Dialectical Naturalism
Bookchin, Murray
Bookchin addresses questions such as 'What is nature?", "What is humanity's place in nature?", "What is the relationship of society to the natural world?"
Planning As Learning: The Education of Citizen Activists
Alexander, Donald Hayley Morrow
Phd thesis focusing on the learning undertaken by members of citizens' groups involved in land use planning.
Remaking Society
Bookchin, Murray
Social Ecology after Bookchin
Light, Andrew (ed.)
Addresses Bookchin's theory of social ecology and how its role in linking environmental concerns with the desire for a free and egalitarian society.
The Struggle for Ecological Democracy: Environmental Justice Movements in the United States
Faber, Daniel (ed.)
Explores the ecosocialist perspective on the goals, strategies, and accomplishments of environmental justice. Faber also identifies the emerging principles of ecological democracy in the quest for a s...

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