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African American Folksong and American Cultural Politics: The Lawrence Gellert Story
Conforth, Bruce M.
Story of the collection of African American folk music compiled by Lawrence Gellert. Compiled between the World Wars, the recordings were adopted by the American Left as the voice of the American prol...
Almanac Singers: Connexipedia Article
Group of American folk musicians specialized in topical songs, especially songs connected with union organizing.
American Folksong Woody Guthrie
Guthrie, Woody; (edited by Moses Asch)
Asch, Moses: Connexipedia Article
Founder of Folkways Records. The label, founded in 1948, was instrumental in bringing folk music into the American mainstream. (1905-1986).
Bound for Glory
Guthrie, Woody
The autobiography of folk singer Woody Guthrie.
Folkways Records: Connexipedia Article
A record label that documents folk and world music.
Labour Songs
Green, Archie
1950-1985. ...
Little Boxes and other handmade songs
Reynolds, Malvina
The best songs I write turn out to be something like folks songs because these traditional pieces say things the way I want to say them and am impelled to say them; they mean to speak surely and quiet...
The Man Who Recorded the World : A Biography of Alan Lomax
Szweed, John
Documentarian of the folk culture of American life,, Lomax was diligent and tireless in preserving the irreplaceable vernacular cultures that have fallen into the past.
The People's Song Book
Hille, Waldemar (ed.)
Songs of protest and affirmation. Foreword by Alan Lomax; preface by B.A. Botkin.
Phil Ochs Lives!: "There But For Fortune"
Simmons, Michael
Phil Ochs and his influence.
Seeger, Pete: Connexipedia Article
American folk singer. (Born 1919).
Sex-Pol: Essays 1929-1934
Reich, Wilhelm; (Baxandall, Lee, ed.)
Wilhelm Reich's writings from his Marxist period, outlining his thoughts about sexual and political liberation.
Un Canadien errant
Gérin-Lajoie, M.A.
A Canadian folk song, lyrics written in 1842, about rebels who were deported, or forced to flee, after the rebellion of 1837-8 in Lower Canada. The song was also adopted by the descendants of Acadians...
The Weavers: Connexipedia Article
American folk music quartet.

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AK Press
AK Press is a worker-run collective that publishes and distributes radical books, visual and audio media, and other mind-altering material. We're small: a dozen people who work long hours for short mo...
Bureau of Public Secrets
Articles from a Situationist perspective.

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Archive of Popular American Music
The UCLA Music Library's Archive of Popular American Music is a research collection covering the history of popular music in the United States from 1790 to the present. The collection, fully accessible at the item level through th...
Irish Traditional Music Archive
The Irish Traditional Music Archive - Taisce Cheol D£chais ireann - is a national reference archive and resource centre for the traditional song, instrumental music and dance of Ireland. It is a public not-for-profit facility whi...
National Music Museum
Founded in 1973 on the campus of the University of South Dakota in Vermillion, the National Music Museum (NMM) & Center for Study of the History of Musical Instruments is one of the great institutions of its kind in the world. Its...
Open Music Archive
The Open Music Archive is situated within the current discourse surrounding notions of authorship, ownership and distribution, reanimated by a porting of Free/Libre and Open Source software models to wider creative contexts. The O...