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Timeline of environmental history

The timeline lists geological, astronomical, and climatological events in relation to events in human history which they influenced. For the history of humanity's perspective on these events, see timeline of the history of environmentalism.


[edit] Pre-Holocene

[edit] 10th millennium BC

— Bering Sea: Land bridge from Siberia to North America disappears as sea level rises.
— North America: Long Island becomes an island, and not just a terminal moraine, when rising waters break through on the western end to the interior lake

[edit] 9th millennium BC

— Antarctica - long-term melting of the Antarctic ice sheets is commencing.
— Asia - rising sea levels caused by postglacial warming.
— North America - The glaciers were receding and by 8,000 BCE the Wisconsin had withdrawn completely.
— World - Inland flooding due to catastrophic glacier melt takes place in several regions.

[edit] 8th millennium BC

[edit] 7th millennium BC

— Rising sea levels form the Torres Strait, separate Australia from New Guinea.
— Increasing desiccation of the Sahara. End of the Saharan Pluvial period.
— Associated with Pollen Zone VI Atlantic, oak-elm woodlands, warmer and maritime climate. Modern wild fauna plus, increasingly, human introductions, associated with the spread of the Neolithic farming technologies.
— Rising sea levels from glacial retreat flood what will become the Irish Sea, separating the island of Ireland from the British Isles and Continental Europe.

[edit] 6th millennium BC

[edit] 4th millennium BC

[edit] 3rd millennium BC

— Some of the first laws protecting the remaining forests decreed in Ur.

[edit] 2nd millennium BC

[edit] 1st millennium BC

[edit] 1st millennium AD

[edit] 2nd century

[edit] 4th century

[edit] 6th century

[edit] 9th century

[edit] 2nd millennium AD

[edit] 13th century

[edit] 14th century

[edit] 15th century

[edit] 17th century

[edit] 18th century

[edit] 19th century

[edit] 20th century

[edit] 21st century

[edit] References

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