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Socialismo ut¢pico
Libreria de Connexions, índice temático (Edición Española)

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  1. American Commune
    Resource Type: Film/Video
    Sisters Rena and Nadine return to The Farm, the legendary hippie commune in Tennessee where they were raised, to tell the story of their alternative family and the rise and fall of America's largest utopian socialist experiment.
  2. Anti-Duhring
    Herr Eugen Duhring's Revolution in Science

    Resource Type: Book
    First Published: 1878
  3. Bureau of Public Secrets 
    Resource Type: Website
    Articles from a Situationist perspective.
  4. Catch your dreams - utopia is possible!
    While Marinaleda has its flaws, it reminds us that alternative economic models are not only possible, they already exist.

    Resource Type: Article
    First Published: 2014
    Amid Spain's general depression, Marinaleda - an Andalucian town sometimes dubbed the 'communist utopia' - is bucking the moribund trend with a heady mixture of direct action, community-level democracy, cooperation and mutual aid.
  5. Charles Fourier Archive
    Resource Type: Website
    "Equality of rights is another chimera, praiseworthy when considered in the abstract and ridiculous from the standpoint of the means employed to introduce it in civilisation. The first right of men is the right to work and the right to a minimum [income]. This is precisely what has gone unrecognised in all the constitutions. Their primary concern is with favoured individuals who are not in need of work."
  6. The Commonwealth of Oceana
    Resource Type: Book
    First Published: 1656
    James Harrington's Common-Wealth of Oceana (1656) was based on universal land-ownership and was a militant republic dedicated to spreading its democratic system to the rest of the world. Harrington's well-meaning vision almost landed him in prison and Cromwell banned it.
  7. Community Dreams 
    Ideas for Enriching Neighbourhood and Community Life

    Resource Type: Book
    First Published: 1984
    A compilation of vignettes, fragments and thought starters that provides stimulating ideas for practical community transformation.
  8. Description of Recently Founded Communist Colonies Still in Existence
    Resource Type: Article
    First Published: 1844   Published: 1845
    If the workers are united among themselves, hold together and pursue one purpose, they are infinitely stronger than the rich. And if, moreover, they have set their sights upon such a rational purpose, and one which desires the best for all mankind, as community of goods, it is self-evident that the better and more intelligent among the rich will declare themselves in agreement with the workers and support them.
  9. The Development of Utopian Socialism
    Resource Type: Article
    First Published: 1880
    The Utopians' mode of thought has for a long time governed the Socialist ideas of the 19th century, and still governs some of them. Until very recently, all French and English Socialists did homage to it. The earlier German Communism, including that of Weitling, was of the same school. To all these, Socialism is the expression of absolute truth, reason and justice, and has only to be discovered to conquer all the world by virtue of its own power. And as an absolute truth is independent of time, space, and of the historical development of man, it is a mere accident when and where it is discovered. With all this, absolute truth, reason, and justice are different with the founder of each different school.
  10. A Dictionary of Marxist Thought
    Resource Type: Book
    First Published: 1983
  11. The Dispossessed
    Resource Type: Book
    First Published: 1974
    A 1974 utopian science fiction novel by Ursula K. Le Guin, set in the same fictional universe as that of The Left Hand of Darkness.
  12. A Dream of John Ball
    Resource Type: Book
    First Published: 1888
    Morris' novel describes a dream and time travel leading to an encounter between the medieval and modern worlds. Morris describes a positive image of the Middle Ages, seeing it as a golden, if brief, period when peasants were prosperous and happy and guilds protected workers from exploitation.
    It contains the famous passage "... I pondered all these things, and how men fight and lose the battle, and the thing that they fought for comes about in spite of their defeat, and when it comes turns out not to be what they meant, and other men have to fight for what they meant under another name..."
  13. The Faber Book of Utopias
    Resource Type: Book
    First Published: 1997
  14. Fourier, Charles
    Connexipedia Article

    Resource Type: Article
    French utopian socialist and philosopher. Credited with having originated the word féminisme in 1837. (1772-1837).
  15. Icarians
    Connexipedia Article

    Resource Type: Article
    A French utopian movement, founded by Étienne Cabet, who led his followers to America where they established a group of egalitarian communes during the period from 1848 through 1898.
  16. The Joy of Revolution 
    Resource Type: Book
    First Published: 1997   Published: 2007
    Knabb says "What is needed, I believe, is a worldwide participatory-democracy revolution that would abolish both capitalism and the state. This is admittedly a big order, but I'm afraid that nothing less can get to the root of our problems. It may seem absurd to talk about revolution; but all the alternatives assume the continuation of the present system, which is even more absurd."
  17. Karl Marx's Theory of Revolution 
    Volume I: State and Bureaucracy

    Resource Type: Book
    First Published: 1977
    A wide-ranging and thorough exposition of Marx's views on democracy.
  18. Karl Marx's Theory of Revolution 
    Volume II: The Politics of Social Classes

    Resource Type: Book
    First Published: 1978
    Draper ranges through the development of the thought of Marx and Engels on the role of classes in society.
  19. Karl Marx's Theory of Revolution 
    Volume IV: Critique of Other Socialisms

    Resource Type: Book
    First Published: 1990
    Much of Karl Marx's most important work came out of his critique of other thinkers, including many socialists who differed significantly in their conceptions of socialism. Draper looks at these critiques to illuminate what Marx's socialism was, as well as what it was not.
  20. The Law of Freedom in a Platform
    Resource Type: Book
    First Published: 1652
  21. Letters from an Inhabitant of Geneva to His Contemporaries
    Resource Type: Article
    First Published: 1803
    I think that all classes of society would be happy in the following situation: spiritual power in the hands of the scientists; temporal power in those of the proprietors; power to nominate those called upon to carry out the functions of the great leaders of mankind in the hands of everyone; the reward for those who govern is high esteem.
  22. Main Currents of Marxism
    Volume 1: The Founders

    Resource Type: Book
    First Published: 1978
    Kolakowski gives his interpretation of the origins of Marxism, and analyses the development of Marx's thought and its divergence from other forms of socialism.
  23. Marx and Engels Collected Works Volume 24
    Marx and Engels 1874 - 1883

    Resource Type: Book
    Includes the Critique of the Gotha Programme, and Socialism: Utopian and Scientific.
  24. Marxists Internet Archive 
    Resource Type: Website
    Large archive of the writings of Marx and Engels and of others in the Marxist tradition. Searchable.
  25. Minimum Utopia: Ten Theses
    Resource Type: Article
    First Published: 2000
    One person's thoughts on the subject of utopias as we approach a new century and millennium.
  26. Necessary and Unneccessary Utopias
    Resource Type: Book
    First Published: 2000
    Reasserts the need for a bold and revolutionary imagination, one aimed at saner ways of living and organizaing society.
  27. A New View of Society
    Or, Essays on the Principle of the Formation of the Human Character, and the Application of the Principle to Practice

    Resource Type: Book
    First Published: 1816
  28. News from Nowhere 
    or An Epoch of Rest: Being Some Chapters From a Utopian Romance

    Resource Type: Book
    First Published: 1890   Published: 1892
    A utopian novel by William Morris which combines a vision of working class revolution with a picture of a society that is primarily agricultural and based on handicraft production.
  29. Other Voices: The Connexions Newsletter - December 5, 2015

    Resource Type: Serial Publication (Periodical)
    First Published: 2015
    Utopian visions, be they practical or not, free our imaginations, if only for a little while, from the daily grind of struggle and worry, and allow us to dream about the kind of world we would hope to live in. Such dreams can inspire us and guide us, even if they are not always quite practical. This issue of Other Voices peers into the world of utopian visions, practical or otherwise.
  30. Owen, Robert
    Connexipedia Article

    Resource Type: Article
    English social reformer. (1771-1858).
  31. Proposed Communist Settlement
    A New Colony for Tyneside or Wearside

    Resource Type: Article
    First Published: 1895
  32. Reclaiming Utopia: The Legacy of Ernst Bloch
    Resource Type: Article
    First Published: 2009
    Bloch's Marxism was from the start unorthodox as the result of his abiding interest in the notion of utopia. This notion was held in disdain by many orthodox Marxists.
  33. Saint-Simon, Henri de
    Connexipedia Article

    Resource Type: Article
    French utopian socialist thinker. (1760-1825).
  34. Sex and Marriage in Utopian Communities in Nineteenth Century America
    Nineteenth-Century America

    Resource Type: Book
    First Published: 1973
    A look at original approaches to sex and marraige in the utopian communities of nineteenth-century America. Many of these communities abolished monogamy and individualism and sought ways of dealing with the sexual life of the group as a whole.
  35. Socialism: Utopian and Scientific
    Resource Type: Book
    First Published: 1880
  36. Socialism.ca 
    Resource Type: Website
    Published: 2016
    A gateway to resources about socialism, socialist history, and socialist ideas, compiled by Connexions.
  37. Socialist Humanism
    Resource Type: Book
    First Published: 1965   Published: 1966
    An international symposium whose contributors explore the humanist essence of socialism. Among the contributors are Herbert Marcuse, Maximilien Rubel, Norman Thomas, T.B. Bottomore, Raya Dunayevskaya, Ernst Bloch, and Bertrand Russell.
  38. The Socialist Register 1978
    Volume 15: A Survey of Movements & Ideas

    Resource Type: Serial Publication (Periodical)
    First Published: 1978
  39. The Socialist Register 1983
    Volume 20: A Survey of Movements & Ideas

    Resource Type: Serial Publication (Periodical)
    First Published: 1983
  40. Socialist Register 2000
    Volume 36: Necessary and Unnecessary Utopias

    Resource Type: Serial Publication (Periodical)
    First Published: 2000
  41. Socialist Thought
    A Documentary History

    Resource Type: Book
    First Published: 1964
    An anthology of important documents in the history of European socialist thought, from pre-revolutionary France to the 1950s.
  42. SOS Alternatives to Capitalism: A discussion with Richard Swift
    Resource Type: Article
    First Published: 2014
    Montreal Serai had the opportunity to discuss SOS: Alternatives to Capitalism – a handy, slim compendium of vital, essential thoughts and discussions on the concept of an alternative economy and society – with Richard Swift.
  43. Strange Cults and Utopias of 19th Century America
    Original title: History of American Socialisms

    Resource Type: Book
    First Published: 1870   Published: 1966
    Histories of communal experiments and communities in the United States.
  44. Utopia
    Connexipedia Article

    Resource Type: Article
    An ideal community or society.
  45. Utopian Socialism
    Resource Type: Article
    Links to the writings and biographies of Utopians and Marxist commentaries on them, and material on 20th century utopian movements and the use of utopian and dystopian visions in literature and political polemics.
  46. The Utopists: Owen, Saint Simon, and Fourier
    Chapter 13 of Socialism From The Root Up

    Resource Type: Article
    First Published: 1888
  47. Voyages To Utopia
    From Monastery to Commune - The Search for the Perfect Society in Modern Times

    Resource Type: Book
    First Published: 1989
    The story of William McCord's exploration of utopian communities, both in person and through literature.
  48. Why Marx Was Right 
    Resource Type: Book
    First Published: 2011
    Eagleton takes common objections to Marxism and demonstrates how and why they are wrong.

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