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Lenin, V.I.
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  1. The Abolition of the State
    Anarchist & Marxist Perspectives

    Resource Type: Book
    First Published: 2007
    Both Anarchists and Marxists believe that it will be possible to do away with the state. But what do they mean by that? What is the state, after all? What institutions, if any, would be necessary to replace its functions? Would a transitional “dictatorship of the proletariat” be needed or will it be possible to immediately abolish the state? Does modern technology require a centralized institution such as the state? Throughout the history of revolutions, the people have created workplace councils and neighborhood assemblies--how could these replace the state?
  2. Age of Extremes 
    The Short Twentieth Century 1914 - 1991

    Resource Type: Book
    First Published: 1994   Published: 1997
    A overview of the history of the years 1914 - 1991.
  3. Bad Marxism
    Capitalism and Cultural Studies

    Resource Type: Book
    First Published: 2004
    Cultural Studies commonly claims to be a radical discipline. This book thinks that's a bad assessment. After an introduction critiquing the so-called 'Marxism' of the academy, Hutnyk provides detailed critical analyses of the approaches and theorists of cultural studies.
  4. Bolshevism: The Road to Revolution
    Resource Type: Article
    First Published: 1999
    An in-depth analysis of the history of Bolshevism and the many programmatic, tactical and organisational lessons to be drawn from that history.
  5. Capitalism and Theory
    Resource Type: Book
    First Published: 1974
    About the permanent arms economy, the latest phase of capitalism.
  6. A Dictionary of Marxist Thought
    Resource Type: Book
    First Published: 1983
  7. From Lenin to Stalin 
    Resource Type: Book
    First Published: 1937   Published: 1973
    A fascinating, first-hand account of the Stalinist takeover in Russia.
  8. Germany 1921: The March Action
    Resource Type: Article
    First Published: 1964
    The debacle represented by the ‘March Action’ in Germany in 1921 was a crucial turning point in the development of the Communist International. The defeat led to a crisis in the German Communist Party (KPD), which had repercussions for the entire International.
  9. Gramsci's Marxism
    Resource Type: Book
    First Published: 1976
    Carl Boggs introduces Gramsci as one of the first marxist theorists to grapple with the problems of revolutionary change in advanced capitalist society and as the first to identify the importance of the ideological-cultural struggle against bourgeois values.
  10. The Great Schism
    Socialism and War in 1914

    Resource Type: Article
    First Published: 2014
    This article sketches the limitations of Second International Marxism before outlining the strengths and weaknesses of Lenin’s alternative.
  11. Heretics and Renegades
    Resource Type: Book
    First Published: 1955   Published: 1969
    Essasy on the Soviet Union and the Soviet bloc.
  12. The History of Democracy 
    A Marxist Interpretation

    Resource Type: Book
    First Published: 2013
    Roper traces the history of democracy from ancient Athens to the emergence of liberal representative and socialist participatory democracy. He argues that democracy cannot be understood separately from the social and economic contexts in which democratic states operate.
  13. International Communism in the Era of Lenin
    Resource Type: Book
  14. The Invading Socialist Society
    Resource Type: Book
    First Published: 1947
    History has shown that in moments of great social crisis, its farthest flights fall short of the reality of the proletarian revolution. Never was the proletariat so ready for the revolutionary struggle, never was the need for it so great, never was it more certain that the proletarian upheaval, however long delayed, will only the more certainly take humanity forward in the greatest leap forward it has hitherto made. The periods of retreat, of quiescence, of inevitable defeats are mere episodes in the face of the absolute nature of the crisis.
  15. Lenin
    Resource Type: Book
    First Published: 2011
  16. Lenin 1917-18: the road to the authoritarian state.
    Resource Type: Article
    First Published: 2014
    Lenin’s focus when he returned to Russia in 1917 was on the facts of the revolution, rather than outdated Bolshevik theory. He began with what was real, rather than an abstract possibility.
  17. Lenin and Luxemburg: Negation in theory and Praxis
    Resource Type: Article
    First Published: 1970
  18. Lenin and the Vanguard Party
    Resource Type: Article
    First Published: 1963
    To believe that Bolshevism, or to be more precise, Leninism, would under the circumstances advocate or preach the theory of the vanguard party is to continue slander of Leninism, but not to his theory of the party (that is no longer viable) but to his central doctrine - the role of the proletariat in the preservation of society from barbarism. To interpret Leninism as the advocacy of a vanguard party of three million is nearly as bad as the doctrine of Goebbels that Christ was not a Jew. Objective circumstances in Russia forced Lenin into a certain position. He accepted it without apologising for it. He knew what he was doing and he knew also, for he said it many times, what he was not doing. His doubts about it, not only for other countries but for Russia, he made public many, many times.
  19. Lenin as Philosopher
    Resource Type: Book
    First Published: 1938   Published: 1948
    Since the importance of Lenin's philosophy is so strongly emphasised in Leninist organizations, it is necessary to make it the subject of a serious critical study. The doctrine of Party-Communism of the Third International cannot be judged adequately unless their philosophical basis is thoroughly examined.
  20. Lenin as Philosopher
    Some additional remarks to Anton Pannekoek's recent criticism of Lenin's book Materialism and Empirio-Criticism

    Resource Type: Article
    First Published: 1938
    Both in his revolutionary materialist philosophy and m his revolutionary jacobinic politics, Lenin hid from himself the historical truth that his Russian revolution, in spite of a temporary attempt to break through its particular limitations in connection with the simultaneous revolutionary movement of the proletarian class in the West, was bound to remain in fact a belated successor of the great bourgeois revolutions of the past.
  21. Lenin in 1917
    Resource Type: Article
    First Published: 1924   Published: 1925
  22. The Lenin Legend
    Resource Type: Article
    First Published: 1935
    For Lenin, socialism was in the last instance merely a kind of state-capitalism.
  23. Lenin Quotes
    Resource Type: Article
    Writings of Vladimir Ilyich Lenin (1870-1924).
  24. Lenin Rediscovered
    What is to Be Done? in Context

    Resource Type: Book
    First Published: 2008
  25. Lenin, Trotsky and the Vanguard Party
    A Contemporary View

    Resource Type: Article
    First Published: 1963   Published: 1964
  26. Lenin, V.I.
    Connexipedia Article

    Resource Type: Article
    Russian revolutionary. (1870-1924).
  27. Lenin, Vladimir - Writings - Index
    Resource Type: Article
  28. Leninism Under Lenin
    Resource Type: Book
    Liebman offers a portrayal of Lenin as primarily a revolutionary, focusing both on his fallibility and successes.
  29. Luxemburg versus Lenin 
    Resource Type: Article
    First Published: 1935
    On many essential points the conceptions of Luxemburg differ from those of Lenin as day from night, or -- the same thing -- as the problems of the bourgeois revolution from those of the proletarian.
  30. Marxism and Freedom 
    From 1776 to Today

    Resource Type: Book
    First Published: 1958   Published: 1971
    Dunayevskaya argues that Marx's theory is the generalisation of the instinctive striving of the proletariat for a new social order, a truly human society.
  31. A Marxist History of the World part 71: Dual power: the mechanics of revolution
    Resource Type: Article
    First Published: 2012
    The centuries old Russian monarchy was overthrown in a matter of days in February 1917. Neil Faulkner looks at the months of turmoil that followed.
  32. Marxists Internet Archive 
    Resource Type: Website
    Large archive of the writings of Marx and Engels and of others in the Marxist tradition. Searchable.
  33. The Myth of Lenin's 'Concept of The Party'
    What They Did to What Is To Be Done?

    Resource Type: Article
    First Published: 1990
    Lenin protested more than once that his initial formulations in WITBD were being distorted and misinterpreted by opponents, after which he went on to clarify and modify. If we want to know Lenin's 'concept of the party' we must look at the formulations he came to, after there had been discussions and attacks.
  34. The Myth of Lenin's 'Revolutionary Defeatism'
    Resource Type: Article
    First Published: 1954
    Lenin discovered in practice that the defeat-slogan was incompatible with a living Marxist approach to the problem of the defense of the nation, conceived not in the social-patriotic sense of the 'defense of the fatherland' but in the light of a Marxist class understanding of, and a dynamically revolutionary program for, the nation.
  35. The Myth of the Labor Aristocracy, Part 1
    Against The Current vol. 123

    Resource Type: Article
    First Published: 2006
    The persistence of reformism and outright conservatism among workers, especially in the imperialist centers of North America, Western Europe and Japan, has long confounded revolutionary socialists. The broadest outlines of Marxist theory tell us that capitalism creates it own "gravediggers" - a class of collective producers with no interest in the maintenance of private ownership of the means of production. The capitalist system's drive to maximize profits should force workers to struggle against their employers, progressively broaden their struggle and eventually overthrow the system and replace it with their democratic self-rule.
  36. A People's History of the World 
    From the Stone Age to the New Millennium

    Resource Type: Book
    First Published: 1999
    Harman describes the shape and course of human history as a narrative of ordinary people forming and re-forming complex societies in pursuit of common human goals.
  37. Practice and Theory of Bolshevism
    Resource Type: Book
    First Published: 1920   Published: 1962
  38. Problems of Everyday Life
    And Other Writings On Culture & Science

    Resource Type: Book
    Published: 1973
    The focus of this book is the impact of the Russian Revolution of the culture life of the country -- and conversely, the effect of the country's cultural backwardness on the course of the revolution. Among the topics discussed are religion, communications media, language, education, science, industry, cinema, marriage, the position of women, child care, "proletarian" literature, art, philoosphy, primitive rural conditions, the dangers of overspecialization and bureaucracy.
  39. The Question of Stalin
    Resource Type: Article
    Colletti explores the contradictions of Bolshevism as the vanguard party which constructed a powerful state apparatus to manage the socialist relations of production while abandoning the development of socialist democracy.
  40. Radical America - Volume 4, No. 6 - September - October 1970
    Special Lenin-Hegel Issue

    Resource Type: Serial Publication (Periodical)
    First Published: 1970
  41. Radical America - Volume 4, Number 6
    Special Lenin-Hegel Issue - Periodical profile

    Resource Type: Serial Publication (Periodical)
    First Published: 1970
  42. Raids and Reconstructions
    Essays on Politics, Crime, and Culture

    Resource Type: Book
    First Published: 1976
    A collection of essays on culture and poltics.
  43. Red Emma Speaks
    Selected Writings and Speeches by Emma Goldman

    Resource Type: Book
    First Published: 1972
    A collection of essays which provide a comprehensive view of Emma Goldman's theories and beliefs.
  44. Rosa Luxemburg
    Abridged Edition

    Resource Type: Book
    First Published: 1966   Published: 1969
    A biography of Luxemburg by a British academic.
  45. Rosa Luxemburg, Women's Liberation, and Marx's Philosophy of Revolution 
    Resource Type: Book
    First Published: 1981   Published: 1982
    Part I - Rosa Luxemburg as Theoretician, as Activist, as Internationalist. Part II - The Women's Liberation Movement as Revolutionary Force and Reason. Part III - Karl Marx: From Critic of Hegel to Author of Capital and Theorist of "Revolution in Permanence."
  46. The Russian Enigma: Lenin, Also...
    Chapter 9 of Book 3 of The Russian Enigma, cut by the publisher of the original 1938 version

    Resource Type: Article
    First Published: 1938   Published: 1979
    Chapter 9 of Book 3 of Ante Ciliga's The Russian Enigma originally published as In The Land of The Great Lie. The book details Ciliga's time spent in Soviet Prisons and 'isolaters' following his arrest for belonging to the Trotskyist Opposition, and provides a wealth of important documentary information concerning the miserable conditions in which the working class were reduced to living in, the extent of the 'criminalisation' of large swathes of the population, and the various forms in which resistance appeared.
  47. Selections from the Prison Notebooks 
    Resource Type: Book
    First Published: 1951   Published: 1973
    Gramsci's Notebooks cover a wide range of subjects including history, culture, politics, and philosophy.
  48. Sex-Pol 
    Essays 1929-1934

    Resource Type: Book
    First Published: 1934   Published: 1972
    Wilhelm Reich's writings from his Marxist period, outlining his thoughts about sexual and political liberation.
  49. Situationist International Anthology 
    Resource Type: Book
    First Published: 1981   Published: 2006
    A selection of Situationist writings.
  50. Six Red Months in Russia
    An Observers Account of Russia Before and During the Proletarian Dictatorship

    Resource Type: Book
    First Published: 1918
    Louise Bryant's account of her time in Russia during the revolution 1917-1918.
  51. The Socialist Register 1972
    Volume 9: A Survey of Movements & Ideas

    Resource Type: Serial Publication (Periodical)
    First Published: 1972
  52. The Socialist Register 1974
    Volume 11: A survey of Movements & Ideas

    Resource Type: Serial Publication (Periodical)
    First Published: 1974
  53. The Socialist Register 1975
    Volume 12: A Survey of Movements & Ideas

    Resource Type: Serial Publication (Periodical)
    First Published: 1975
  54. The Struggle Against Fascism Begins with the Struggle Against Bolshevism
    Resource Type: Article
    First Published: 1939
    Russia must be placed first among the new totalitarian states. It was the first to adopt the new state principle. It went furthest in its application. It was the first to establish a constitutional dictatorship, together with the political and administrative terror system which goes with it. Adopting all the features of the total state, it thus became the model for those other countries which were forced to do away with the democratic state system and to change to dictatorial rule. Russia was the example for fascism. There is an unbridgeable opposition between bolshevism and socialism. Nationalism, authoritarianism, centralism, leader dictatorship, power policies, terror-rule, mechanistic dynamics, inability to socialize-all these essential characteristics of fascism were and are existing in bolshevism.
  55. Ten Days That Shook The World 
    Resource Type: Book
    First Published: 1919   Published: 1960
    John Reed's gripping account of the Russian Revolution of November 1917.
  56. To The Finland Station
    A Study in the Writing and Acting of History

    Resource Type: Book
    First Published: 1940   Published: 1953
    The revolutionary tradition in Europe and the rise of socialism.
  57. The Unknown Dimension 
    European Marxism Since Lenin

    Resource Type: Book
    First Published: 1972
    The radical intellectual tradition of European post-Leninist Marxism, so different from the dogma of the orthodox leftist parties, is an unknowwn dimension. This anthology sets out to recover this Marxist tradition and to restore the centrality of Marxist revolutionary thought and practice.

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