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  1. Against the Current
    Resource Type: Serial Publication (Periodical)
    First Published: 1986
    Bi-monthly magazine oriented toward movements for social and economic justice; radical, socialist and feminist in orientation.
  2. Anarchism and Anarcho-Syndicalism
    Resource Type: Book
  3. The Anarchist Collectives
    Workers' Self-Management in the Spanish Revolution 1936-1939

    Resource Type: Book
    First Published: 1974
    Examines the experiments in workers' self-management, both urban and rural, which took place in Spain during the revolution and Civil War.
  4. Another World is Possible 
    Globalization and Anti-capitalism

    Resource Type: Book
    First Published: 2002   Published: 2006
    A call-to-arms for progressive activists. McNally argues that capitalism is synonymous with imperialism and fundamentally incompatible with democracy.
  5. The Bolsheviks and Workers' Control 
    The State and Counter-Revolution

    Resource Type: Book
    First Published: 1970
    A pamphlet exposing the struggle that took place over the running of workplaces in the immediate aftermath of the Russian Revolution. In doing so not only does it demolish the romantic Leninist "history" of the relationship between the working class and their party during these years (1917-21) but it also provides a backbone to understanding why the Russian revolution failed in the way it did. From this understanding flows alternative possibilities of revolutionary organization.
  6. Collectives in Spain
    Resource Type: Article
    First Published: 1938   Published: 1945
    A contemporary account of the Spanish Anarchist movements during the 1930's by Gaston Leval, a prominent anarcho-syndicalist. Attention focuses on the roles of "agrarian socialism" and education in the revolution.
  7. Collectives in the Spanish Revolution
    Resource Type: Book
    First Published: 1971   Published: 1975
    An account of the collectives set up in Spain during the struggle against Franco.
  8. Coming Home to the Struggle
    Against The Current vol. 134

    Resource Type: Article
    First Published: 2008
    I became a political activist at the age of 12, when I marched for open housing in Evanston, Illinois. We lived next to the Black community in Evanston; African-American students made up 40% of my grade school. At the local YWCA girls club my sister and I were the only whites. The young Black women I became close to helped me overcome painful shyness. Later my father, a Methodist minister, was arrested trying to integrate churches in Jackson, Mississippi.
  9. Connexions
    Volume 11, Number 1 - Spring 1987 - A Digest of Resources and Groups for Social Change

    Resource Type: Serial Publication (Periodical)
    First Published: 1987
  10. Connexions Digest
    Volume 12, Number 1 - Fall 1988 - A Social Change Sourcebook

    Resource Type: Serial Publication (Periodical)
    First Published: 1988
  11. Connexions Digest
    Volume 12, Number 2 - Issue 48 - Winter 1988-89 - A Social Change Sourcebook

    Resource Type: Serial Publication (Periodical)
    First Published: 1989
  12. Connexions Digest
    Issue 50 - December 1989 - A Social Change Sourcebook

    Resource Type: Serial Publication (Periodical)
    First Published: 1989
  13. Connexions Digest
    Issue 51 - May 1990 - A Social Change Sourcebook

    Resource Type: Serial Publication (Periodical)
    First Published: 1990
  14. Connexions Digest
    Issue 52 - August 1990 - A Social Change Sourcebook

    Resource Type: Serial Publication (Periodical)
    First Published: 1990
  15. Connexions Digest
    Issue 53 - January 1991- A Social Change Sourcebook

    Resource Type: Serial Publication (Periodical)
    First Published: 1991
  16. Connexions Library: Organizing Focus Page 
    Resource Type: Website
    Selected articles from the Connexions Online Library.
  17. Council communism
    Connexipedia Article

    Resource Type: Article
    The central argument of council communism, in contrast to those of social democracy and Leninist Communism, is that democratic workers' councils arising in the factories and municipalities are the natural form of working class organisation and governmental power.
  18. Facing Reality 
    Resource Type: Book
    First Published: 1958   Published: 1974
    Inspired by the October 1956 Hungarian workers' revolution against Stalinist oppression, as well as the U.S. workers' "wild-cat" strikes (against capital and the union bureaucracies), the authors looked ahead to the rise of new mass emancipatory movements by African Americans as well as anti-colonialist/anti-imperialist currents in Africa and Asia. Virtually alone among the radical texts of the time, Facing Reality also rejected modern society's mania for "conquering nature," and welcomed women's struggles "for new relations between the sexes."
  19. Facing Reality 45 Years Later 
    Critical Dialogue with James/Lee/Chaulieu

    Resource Type: Article
    First Published: 2003
    According to Goldner, "In 1958, Facing Reality was an important book, uncannily anticipatory of the historical period which would unfold over the following 15 years. Its main assertions are still being debated.... What I find most interesting in Facing Reality is not so much the answers it offers as the questions it asks. Those questions revolve around the role of the revolutionary Marxist party today.
  20. Factory Committees and the Dictatorship of the Proletariat
    Resource Type: Article
    First Published: 1975
    It is a tragic fact, for which Leninists of all kinds (Stalinists, Trotskyists, Maoists, and the advocates of various theories of "state capitalism", i.e. International Socialists, Bordigists, "Marxist Humanists", etc.) must carry their full share of responsibility, that we know less today about the early weeks of Russian Revolution than we do, for instance, about the history of the Paris Commune.
  21. FaSinPat (Zanon)
    Connexipedia Article

    Resource Type: Article
    A worker-controlled ceramic tile factory in the southern Argentine province of Neuquén. The name is short for Fábrica Sin Patrones, which means "Factory Without Bosses" in Spanish.
  22. Fighting for Union Autonomy: Mexican Miners On Strike
    Against The Current vol. 122

    Resource Type: Article
    First Published: 2006
    On April 20 eight hundred state and federal police launched an assault on 500 striking workers who had been occupying a steel mill in Lázaro Cárdenas. Two were killed, five seriously injured and 40 wounded. A video released to the press shows Michoacán police taking aim at the strikers.
  23. For Workers' Power
    Resource Type: Article
    First Published: 1965
    The road to socialism - and socialism itself - means the conscious and independent action of workers. It means the end of the division between leaders and led. By their rigid, hierarchical structure most "revolutionary" organizations encourage precisely those divisions. A socialist society will be one in which decisions will be taken by workers' councils, composed of elected and revocable delegates, and where the workers themselves will manage production.
  24. The History of Democracy 
    A Marxist Interpretation

    Resource Type: Book
    First Published: 2013
    Roper traces the history of democracy from ancient Athens to the emergence of liberal representative and socialist participatory democracy. He argues that democracy cannot be understood separately from the social and economic contexts in which democratic states operate.
  25. Hungary 1956: A workers' revolt crushed by the "workers' state"
    Resource Type: Article
    First Published: 1973
    The Hungarian revolution, brief though it was, did as much as a century of socialist theorizing to show what a united and determined people could do to transform their society.
  26. Hungary 56 
    Resource Type: Book
    First Published: 1964   Published: 1968
    The Hungarian Revolution was far more than a national uprising or than an attempt to change one set of rulers for another. It was a social revolution in the fullest sense of the term.
  27. Ideas and Action
    Periodical profile published 1981

    Resource Type: Serial Publication (Periodical)
    First Published: 1981
    Archive of some articles published in Ideas and Action, a radical paper published by the Workers Solidarity Alliance from 1981 to 1997.
  28. Manifestos, Programs, Visions 
    Selected Manifestos - Political Statements - Programs

    Resource Type: Website
    First Published: 1649   Published: 2016
    A selection of left manifestos, programs, poltical statements and visions from the 1600s to today.
  29. Marxists Internet Archive 
    Resource Type: Website
    Large archive of the writings of Marx and Engels and of others in the Marxist tradition. Searchable.
  30. The Mass Psychology of Fascism 
    Resource Type: Book
    First Published: 1933   Published: 1970
    Wilhelm Reich's class study, written during the years of the German crisis. Reich repudiates the concept that fascism is the ideology or action of a single individual or nationality, or any ethnic or political group. He understands fascism as the expression of the irrational character structure of human beings whose needs and impulses have been suppressed.
  31. The Meaning of Socialism
    Resource Type: Article
    First Published: 1961   Published: 1969
    Paul Cardan's 1961 discussion of modern conceptions of socialism, and the future of socialist movements.
  32. Modern Capitalism and Revolution
    Resource Type: Book
    First Published: 1959   Published: 1975
    For revolutionaries one central point must be grasped to understand how the system works: the struggle of human beings against their alientation, and the ensuing conflict and split in all spheres, aspects and moments of socia life. As long as this struggle is there there ruling strata will continue to be unable to organise their system in a coherent way, and society will lurch from one accident to another. These are the conditions for revolutionary activity in the present epoch -- and they are amply sufficient.
  33. No Bosses Here!
    A Manual on Working Collectively and Cooperatively

    Resource Type: Book
    First Published: 1981
    A perceptive and practical guide to working in a collective.
  34. Notes from a Revolution Dying
    Against The Current vol. 134

    Resource Type: Article
    First Published: 2008
    In June 1922, five years on from the Russian Revolution, a group of Moscow communists gathered to discuss a letter by Vladimir Petrzhek, an auto worker, tendering his resignation from the communist (or Bolshevik) party. Petrzhek was one of the worker communists who swelled the party’s ranks during the civil war of 1918-19, when the communist “Reds” had defended the revolution from the western-supported “White” generals.
  35. Organizing for Workers' Power
    Beyond Trade Unionism & Vanguardism

    Resource Type: Article
    First Published: 1968   Published: 1969
    A discussion of the problem of "vanguardism," and the role of leadership in revolutionary organization, and its evolution through different stages of class struggle, by Adriano Sofri of the Italian socialist group Lotta Continua, with an introduction by militants in southern Ontario.
  36. Pannekoek and Gorter's Marxism
    Resource Type: Book
    Published: 1978
    Anton Pannekoek and Herman Gorter were leading spokespersons for 'council communism.' They argued for the primacy of workers' own organizations, defending their importance agains the parliamentarists and Bolsheviks who saw in the party the nub of working-class organization, and against the anarchists who saw anathema in all organization. This volume contains represenative texts by Pannekoek and Goter, with an introduction by the editor.
  37. A Proposal to American Labor
    'Open source unionism' could reinvigorate American labor in the age of the Internet

    Resource Type: Article
    First Published: 2002
    The authors posit that union membership is too restricted by the requirement that unions have majority support in the workplace. They believe that pro-union workers who are a minority in their workplace should be mobilized by the labor movement if it wants to grow.
  38. Real Utopia 
    Participatory Society for the twenty-first century

    Resource Type: Book
    First Published: 2008
    Real Utopia identifies and obliterates the barriers to an egalitarian, bottom-up society, while convincingly outlining how to build it.
  39. The Red Menace 
    A libertarian socialist newsletter

    Resource Type: Serial Publication (Periodical)
    First Published: 1975   Published: 1980
    Articles on topics such as socialism, Marxism, anarchism, work, popular education, organizing, wages for housework, Leninism, bureaucracy, hierarchy, jargon, prostitution, obscenity, science fiction, and terrorism.
  40. Revolution Re-Assessed 
    Politics of Human Liberation

    Resource Type: Article
    First Published: 1980
    The political objectives and beliefs of the Australian-based Libertarian Socialist Organisation.
  41. Social Anarchism, Individualist Anarchism, the State and Leninism
    A Reply to the International Socialist Organization

    Resource Type: Article
    First Published: 2009
    I take it that social or Left-anarchism and libertarian socialism are the same thing. Both stand opposed to Leninism, and both stand opposed to individualist anarchism.
  42. The Socialist Register 1971
    Volume 8: A survey of movements and ideas

    Resource Type: Serial Publication (Periodical)
    First Published: 1971
  43. The Socialist Register 1974
    Volume 11: A survey of Movements & Ideas

    Resource Type: Serial Publication (Periodical)
    First Published: 1974
  44. The Socialist Register 1975
    Volume 12: A Survey of Movements & Ideas

    Resource Type: Serial Publication (Periodical)
    First Published: 1975
  45. The Socialist Register 1982
    Volume 19: A Survey of Movements & Ideas

    Resource Type: Serial Publication (Periodical)
    First Published: 1982
  46. Theses of the Workers Opposition
    Resource Type: Article
    First Published: 1921
    Advocated the role of unionized workers in directing the economy at a time when Soviet government organs were running industry by dictate and trying to exclude trade unions from a participatory role.
  47. Towards a Decentralist Commonwealth
    Resource Type: Article
    First Published: 1979
    Could the basic structural concept of common ownership of society's resources for the benefit of all ever be achieved, institutionally, in ways which fostered and sustained, rather than eroded and destroyed, a cooperative democratic society?
  48. 25 Years After the Gdansk Uprising
    Against The Current vol. 121

    Resource Type: Article
    First Published: 2006
    Suzi Weissman interviews David Ost. The occupation of the Gdansk shipyard by Polish workers in 1980, demanding recognition of their independent trade union Solidarnosc, rocked the Eastern bloc and inspired the world. A quarter century later, Communist rule is only a bad memory but the present realities for the Polish working class are a grim choice between neoliberalism and reactionary psedo-populism. The following interview with David Ost, conducted by Suzi Weissman November 28, 2005 for her radio program “Beneath the Surface” on KPFK in Los Angeles (90.7 FM), explores what’s happened to post-Solidarity Poland. It has been edited for publication here.
  49. Work and New Technologies
    Other Perspectives (Volume 3)

    Resource Type: Book
    First Published: 1987
    Essays covering health hazards, labour concerns, and issues of deskilling related to new technologies in the workplace.
  50. Worker Co-operatives
    An Introduction

    Resource Type: Article
    First Published: 1985
  51. Worker Cooperatives in America
    Resource Type: Book
    First Published: 1984
    A historical background of worker cooperatives as well as a contemporary discussion of small and large co-ops.
  52. Workers' Control
    Resource Type: Article
    First Published: 1967
  53. Workers' Control on the Railroad
    A Practical Example 'Right Under Your Nose'

    Resource Type: Book
    Morgan outlines his philosophy of workers' control. Anthropologists Gail Pool and Donna Young locate Lefty's work in current debates.
  54. Workers' Councils 
    Resource Type: Book
    First Published: 1941   Published: 1947
    Now the goal becomes distinct; opposite to the stronger domination by state-directed planned economy of the new capitalism stands what Marx called the association of free and equal producers. So the call for unity must be supplemented by indication of the goal: take the factories and machines; assert your mastery over the productive apparatus; organize production by means of workers' councils.
  55. Workers' Councils and the Economics of a Self-Managed Society
    Resource Type: Book
    First Published: 1957   Published: 1974
    A translation of an essay, "Sur le Contenu du Socialisme," written by Cornelius Castoriadis under the pseudonym "Peirre Chalieu," and originally published in the journal Socialisme out Barbarie in 1957. Castoriadis writes that "the experience of bureaucratic capitalism allows us clearly to perceive what socialims is not and cannot be. A close look both a past proletarian uprising and at the everyday life and struggles of the working class - both East and West -- enables us to posit what socialism could be and should be."
  56. Workers' Self-Management in the United States
    Resource Type: Book
    Published: 1984
  57. Workers' self-management
    Connexipedia Article

    Resource Type: Article
    A form of workplace in which workers themselves make the decisions.
  58. Workplace Democracy
    A Guide to Workplace Ownership, Participation, and Self-Management Experiments in the US and Europe

    Resource Type: Book
    First Published: 1978

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