Reformation to Industrial Revolution
the Pelican Economic History of Britain Volume 2

Hill, Christopher
Publisher:  Penguin Books, Harmondsworth, United Kingdom
Year Published:  1969   First Published:  1967
Pages:  306pp  
Resource Type:  Book
Cx Number:  CX9170

Hill analyzes the transformation of British society and the complex interaction of economic, cultural and political change in the period 1530-1780.


Table of Contents


Part I: Introduction
1. Argument
2. 1530-1780

Part II: From Reformation to Revolution
1. National Unification
2. The People
3. Agriculture and Agrarian Relations
4. Trade, Colonies and Foreign Policy
5. Industry and Government Economic Policy
6. Finance
7. Religion and Intellectual Life
8. From Peasants' Revolt to Revolution

Part III: The Revolution
1. The Civil War
2. The Revolution in Government
3. The Agricultural Revolution
4. The Commercial Revolution, Empire and Foreign Policy
5. Industry
6. The Financial Revolution
7. Religion and the Intellectual Revolution

Part IV: From Political to Industrial Revolution
1. Society and Politics
2. Trade, Empire and Foreign Policy
3. Towards Industrial Revolution
4. Factories and the Working Class
5. Agriculture and Agrarian Relations
6. Religion and Intellectual Life
7. Retrospect

Part V

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