A New Generation Draws the Line


A New Generation Draws the Line
Kosovo, East Timor and the Standards of the West

Chomsky, Noam
Publisher:  Verso, London, United Kingdom
Year Published:  2002   First Published:  2001
Pages:  160pp   ISBN:  9781859843802
Resource Type:  Book
Cx Number:  CX8811

1999 saw two major international crises which illuminate the strategies of the Western powers in the new century.In East Timor the warnings of further escalation in an unfolding humanitarian disaster could not have been more apparent. Chomsky points out, the West did not need to do very much to prevent this, but East Timor is of little strategic interest to the US and its allies, so they did nothing.By comparison, the intervention in Kosovo by NATO is very different, and Chomsky argues that strategic concerns were at stake; humanitarianism was not the moving force behind the military intervention in Yugoslavia.

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