South Africa: A Time to Act

Publisher:  Development and Peace, Toronto, Canada
Year Published:  1978  
Resource Type:  Article
Cx Number:  CX802

Abstract:  This action kit is meant to be a contribution to an understanding of the South African situation In addition to its five sections, the kit's cover poster contains a map of the ten "Bantu Homelands' and the names of the names of the groups of Africans in those areas.
A backgrounder .entitled 'South Africa - The Imprisoned Society" provides statistics regarding the discriminatory laws and harmful practices of the Apartheid system. Another section ,Which is a reprint from Repter News Agency entitled "Climate of Fear" by Paul Iredale ,exposes the kinds of arrest and indefinite detention without trial which go on under the South African Terrorism Act. A third section entitled "church is divided into three parts: part one provides an insight into the systemic persecution of an origination like the young Christian workers (yew) in south African part two ; containing the February 1977 statement of the Southern African Catholic Bishops conference plenary Session, declares that body's commitment to social justice: and part tree is an excerpt from the May 11, 1978 letter of the president of the Canadian Conference of catholic Bishops to Mr. Fred H. Mcneil, chairman of the Board o9f the Bank of the Montreal, expressing solidarity with the churches in South Africa, and questioning the ultimate effect of Canadian bank loans to the government of south Africa and its agencies.
Sections 4 and 5 of the kit offer a content outline for group prayer and steps and steps for action such as the sending of Christmas cards to 'banned', detained or imprisoned persons whose names and family addresses are listed.

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