The Haunted Fifties


The Haunted Fifties

Stone, I.F.
Publisher:  Vintage Books, New York, USA
Year Published:  1969  
Pages:  394pp  
Resource Type:  Book
Cx Number:  CX7447

I.F. Stone reports on the 1950s in the United States, an era of political suppression, public apathy, the cold war, and the arms race.


Table of Contents

Overture: Note to the Rest of the Universe
1. The Eisenhower Era Begins
2. John Foster Dulles: Portrait of a Liberator
3. McCarthy Rides High
4. A Few Who Fought Back
5. An Attempt to Compel Informing
6. The Death of Stalin
7. Churchill Abandons the Cold War
8. The New Chief Justice
9. The Downfall of McCarthy
10. Fetish of the Fifties: Security
11. First Call for a Test Ban
12. The Drift of Foreign Policy: Sanity or War
13. The President's Illness
14. The Sickness of the South
15. The Free Mind at Work
16. National Suicide as a Form of Defense
17. USSR: The Twentieth Congress
18. A Visit to Moscow
19. In the Fresher Air of Poland
20. The Presidency, 1956
21. Hungary
22. The Eisenhower Doctrine
23. Mental Climate of the Fifties
24. Ike in Action
25. Toward the Preposterous War
26. The Mind of Nikita Khrushchev
27. The Liberal Court of Earl Warren
28. The Black Man's Burden
29. A Stranger Knocks at Heaven's Gate
30. Our War Economy
31. The American Secret Police
32. Coexistence: Choice of Risks
33. The Marines in Lebanon
34. Racial Equality in Crisis
35. Little Rock: A Piece of Foreign Correspondence
36. Freedom of Thought, Here and There
37. The Pentagon, the Moon, and Pugwash
38. China: Fantasy and Reality
39. Dulles, Cold, Arrogant, Ruthless
40. The Revival of Germany
41. The Khrushchev Visit
42. On the Economic Front
43. The Supreme Court Retreats
44. Debut of the New Frontier
45. No Way to Hide
46. Our Feud with Fidel
47. Epilogue

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