Do It Yourself
Hungary's Hidden Economy

Kenedi, Janos
Publisher:  Pluto Press, London, United Kingdom
Year Published:  1981  
Pages:  128pp   ISBN:  0-86104-344-8
Resource Type:  Book
Cx Number:  CX7390

Left-wing dissident Janos Kenedi shows how the system realy works in Hungary in a hilarious and bittersweet account of how he built his own house. Shortages are general. The goods you need may welll be there but they can only be obtained in unorthodox ways -- ranging from simple bribery to the much more effective string-ulling and backdoor dealing of the mutual interest network.


Table of Contents

Introduction: Opposition in Hungary Today

1. Buying the Property
2. Income and Expenditure
3. The Work Begins
4. Transport
5. Double Dealers
6. Plain Dealers
7. The Work Ends

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