The Communist Threat to Canada


The Communist Threat to Canada

Canadian Chamber of Commerce
Publisher:  New Hogtown Press, Toronto, Canada
Year Published:  1973   First Published:  1947
Pages:  40pp  
Dewey:  329.020971
Resource Type:  Book
Cx Number:  CX7364

A 1973 reprint of a sensationalist pamphlet published by the Canadian Chamber of Commerce in 1947.


Table of Contents

1. Foreword

2. The Communist Threat to Canada
Describes the danger.

3. Revolution Feverishly Active Today
Evidence is presented to show that the Comintern exists and continues its work in Canada and elsewhere in the world.

4. Findings of The Spy Probe
The Report of the Royal Commission on Espionage is quoted at length to show the success with which Soviet agents were able to find and use Canadians willing to betray their country.

5. Military Power and Communism
A declaration of Marshall Tito reveals the aims of one of the leaders of Communism.

6. Propaganda and the Press
Canada's Communist Press Revealed.

7. Innocents abroad
A word about casual visitors to Russia who bring back glowing accounts of conditions in that country.

8. Canadian and Soviet Standards
Comparative Statistics on housing and living conditions between Canada and the USSR.

9. Comparative Rights and Privileges
A comparison of some of the rights and privileges enjoyed by workers in Canada with those in Soviet Russia.

10. The Treatment of Religion
The true attitude of the Communists toward all religion is shown by a review of the steps taken by the Communists to extinguish it in Canada and elsewhere.

11. Infiltrating Labour Unions
Evidence of Communist infiltration in Canadian Labour Unions and description of how Communists gain control.

12. Naming Some Canadian Communists
Names of these elected at the 1st and 2nd National Conventions of the Labour Progressive Party.

13. How to Identify a Crypto-Communist
Some of the characteristics of behaviour and belief which go to make up a Communist.

14. Freedom Versus Tyranny
The case is reviewed and conclusions drawn.

15. Appendix I
Documentary evidence that Canadian Communists are members of the Communist International and as such must adhere to the constitution of that body. The opening paragraphs of the Constitution are quoted.

16. Appendix II
Having shown by the Royal Commissionary Report that the Communist International still exists, references to the Theses and Statutes and the Program of the Communist International reveal the technique of conspiracy.

17. Bibliography

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