Bureaucracy and Revolution in East Europe


Bureaucracy and Revolution in East Europe

Harman, Chris
Publisher:  Pluto Press, London, United Kingdom
Year Published:  1974  
Pages:  296pp   ISBN:  0-902818-50-3
Resource Type:  Book
Cx Number:  CX7336

For twenty years the workers in Eastern Europe have fought, fallen back, and fought again -- for food and workers' power. Their victory would shatter the oppressive regimes they live under and ignite revolution in Russia itself.


Table of Contents


Part One: Repression

1. Eastern Europe after World War 11
The Pre-War Regimes
The Communist Parties the Close of the War
The Revolutionary Wave and the 'People's Governments'
The War saw Uprising
Revolution from Above
The Fate of Peasant and Socialist Parties
The Growth of the Communist Parties
Slav against Teuton
The Prague Coup - Workers' Uprising?

2. The Russian Interest
Mixed Companies

3. From Control to Subjection
The Purges
Economic Changes
The Pattern of Economic Development

Part Two: Revolt Revolution

4. 1953: The German Workers' Revolt
The Uprising
The Real Causes
The Bureaucracy Split

5. 1953-56 Prelude to Revolution
The Hungarian 'New Course"
The Twentieth Congress

6. 1956: Poland - Aborted Revolution
Intellectuals in Revolt
Insurrection Below
Gomulka versus the Left
The October Left
The Fight for Control Workers' Councils
Strike and Repression

7. 1956: The Hungarian Revolution
The Revolution Breaks
The New Government
The Emergence of Workers' Councils
Revolution of Counter Revolution
Class Forces in the Hungarian Revolution
Mass Insurgency
Dual Power Concessions
The Counter-Revolution
The Second Period of Dual Power
The Destruction of the Workers' Councils

8. 1968: Czechoslovakia - Arrested Reform
Origins of the Crisis
Novotny's Fall
The New Leadership
The Reformers and the Invasion
The Intellectuals
Ideological Confusion
The Workers
Democratization within the Unions
Resistance to 'Normalization'
The Workers' Councils

9. 1970: Poland
The Economy

Conclusion: Reform or Revolution
Economic Malaise
Waste and Competition
A Vicious Circle
The Crisis
The Failure of Reform

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