Workers Against the Monolith

Birchall, Ian
Publisher:  Pluto Press, United Kingdom
Year Published:  1974  
Pages:  256pp   ISBN:  0-902818-41-4
Resource Type:  Book
Cx Number:  CX6647

How the so-called Communist parties became forces of order and counter-revolution.


Table of Contents


Part I: 1943 - 1953
1. The Second World War
2. The Great Carve-Up
3. The Honeymoon
4. The Stalin-Tito Split
5. War and Revolution in Asia
6. Western Europe - Back on the Streets

Part II: 1953 - 1963
7. Destalinization and the Hungarian Revolution
8. Imperialism and Nationalism
9. Polycentrism in the West
10. Party and Class in Western Europe

Part III: 1963 - 1973
11. The East is Pink
12. Asia and Latin America
13. Revolution Back on the Agenda in the West

Part IV: Conclusion
14. Results and Prospects
15. "Marxism is Dying of Boredom"
16. The Revolutionary Alternative

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