From Yalta To VietNam
American Foreign Policy In The Cold War

Horowitz, David
Publisher:  Penguin Books Ltd.
Year Published:  1967  
Pages:  465pp  
Resource Type:  Book
Cx Number:  CX6304


Table of Contents


Part I: From Ally to Belligerent
1. Frictions and the Creation of the UN
2. The Old Relations and the New
3. The Dissolution of the Coalitions
4. Civil War in Greece
5. The Conflict Becomes Open
6. Reassessment

Part II: Leader of the Free World
7. Containing Conspiracy
8. Containment into Liberation: Korea
9. Intervention in Vietnam
10. Coup in Guatemala
11. Retrospect on Early Containment
12. Counter-revolution in Cuba
13. The U.S. and the World Revolution

Part III: Under the Sword of Damocles
14. The Division of Europe
15. The Atomic Bomb
16. East Europe: 1949-1956
17. Lippmann, Kennan and Sputnik
18. Dogmas and Disengagement
19. The Failure to Make Peace
20. The Summit Collapse
21. Nuclear Strategies and the Missile Gap
22. Creating Situations of Strength
23. Tipping the Balance of Power
24. Showdown: The Cuban Crisis
25. Nuclear Armistice
26. The Unity of America's Cold War Programme


Subject Headings

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