Women and Crime
Volume 3 #2

Publisher:  Canadian Journal of Woman and the Law
Year Published:  1992  
Resource Type:  Book
Cx Number:  CX4520

Abstract:  This issue emphasizes the need for intervention to reorder economic, political, cultural and social relations to eliminate violence against women. Its goal is to change the criminal law system so it recognizes the sex, class, racial and cultural differences of women and their concerns.
In issues such as women's sexuality, politics, motherhood and economic exploitation, criminal law is shown to be controlling of women. Women have often not been given equal protection under criminal law and so have been left at the mercy of violence, which may be trivialized. This overcontrol and underprotection of women limits their self-determination.
Efforts to obtain formal and substantive equality in the criminal justice system are discussed in articles such as the civil disobedience of the Greenham Common women, a statistical profile of the Canadian female offender and the controlling aspects of current Ontario laws for delinquent or neglected young persons. Two aboriginal women cite the pain they experienced because of racism and oppression in the criminal justice system.
An analysis of several recent cases underscores progress made and the work still to be done to achieve the desired equality and protection of women under the law. Book reviews are included in the final section of the issue.

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