Health, Health Care, and Medicare

Publisher:  National Council of Welfare
Year Published:  1990  
Pages:  79pp   ISBN:  ISBN 0-622-18209-X
Resource Type:  Book
Cx Number:  CX4507

Abstract:  As an update of its earlier 1982 report on health care, the National Council of Welfare takes another look at health and health care to find ways to improve the organization of the existing health care system. It emphasizes federal leadership and calls for both interprovincial and federal-provincial cooperation to resolve the outstanding issues facing the current system. Some of the issues addressed include the use and misuse of technology, the need for innovative ways of delivering services and more community-based care for the elderly.
According to the Council, the health gap between rich and poor Canadians, and of aboriginal people remains pronounced and warrants federal intervention. The need to develop health objectives and healthy public policy not just in the health arena is discussed. It recommends the moderation of new technology costs and looks at better government management of human resources in the health services.
Continued federal safeguarding of the principles of medicare is needed to ensure that health care in Canada remains accessible, portable, universal and comprehensive. Its threatened erosion in provincial jurisdictions should be stemmed with the use of the penalty provisions of the Canada Health Act.
Other recommendations include a commendation for the federal decision to compensate people who received AIDS-infected blood and support for compatible patient health information systems.

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