The Facts About Food Irradiation

Kock, Irene
Publisher:  Nuclear Awareness Project
Year Published:  1988  
Pages:  64pp   ISBN:  ISBN 0-9693642-0-2
Resource Type:  Book
Cx Number:  CX3725

Abstract:  The Nuclear Awareness Project works to increase public awareness about nuclear issues through research and publication projects.
Facts About Food Irradiation explains what irradiation is, how it affects food, how irradiation is regulated, where it fits into the nuclear system, and crucial economic and social concerns which all consumers should know about. Irradiation preserves foods by exposing them to high doses of gamma radiation for short periods. While foods do not become radioactive, debates about food safety, deterioration of nutrition and quality, economic feasibility and consumer needs continue. As Gordon Edwards of the Canadian Coalition for Nuclear Responsibility comments, "So who needs food irradiation? The answer is the nuclear industry needs it and nobody else."

Subject Headings

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