How to Invest Your Money with a Clear Conscience
The Canadian Guide to Profitable Ethical Investing

Ellman, Eugene
Publisher:  James Lorimer and Company
Year Published:  1989   First Published:  1988
Pages:  142pp   ISBN:  ISBN 0-88862-895-1
Resource Type:  Book
Cx Number:  CX3714

Ellman offers a guide for those who want to ensure that their investment decisions, be they major or modest, are supporting ethical institutions, companies, and governments.

Abstract:  Eugene Ellman examines everyday finance using ethical criteria and presents alternatives to the mainstream methods for such activities as saving and borrowing, RRSPs, mutual funds and other investments, taxation, financing retirement, and getting financial advice. It is written for a Canadian audience and includes appendices of resources, lists of financial institutions and of Canadian and U.S. ethical mutual funds.

Subject Headings

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