Making Common Cause
A Statement and Action Plan By US-Based Development, Environment and Populations NGOS

Publisher:  World Resources Institute
Year Published:  1988  
Resource Type:  Book
Cx Number:  CX3330

Abstract:  A committee of representatives from a number of U.S. non-governmental organizations prepared this statement which outlines a common approach to issues. The statement says that "a communications gap has kept environmental, population, and development assistance groups apart for too long, preventing us from being aware of our common interests and realizing our combined power." It refers to a "common goal in striving for a more liveable, non-violent planet. We affirm both the integrity, stability, and beauty of the ecosystem and the imperative of social justice. We recognize that poverty, environmental degradation, and population growth are inextricably related". The Action Plan identifies a number of shared common goals and contains suggestions for collaboration. While the booklet addresses U.S. organizations, Canadian organizations will find it of interest.

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