Canadian Human Rights Yearbook 1984-1985

Year Published:  1985  
Resource Type:  Book
Cx Number:  CX3234

Abstract:  The YEARBOOK is a collection of essays, in both English and French, dealing with fundamental freedoms in the international sphere and with human rights in Canada. The YEARBOOK is annual 9this is the second) and contains a variety of articles, research aids, case notes, and the full text of some important decisions in the field of human rights. This volume also contains a comprehensive bibliography of all articles published on the Canadian Chapter of Rights and Freedoms.

Articles in this issue include "How Different Countries Implement International Standards of Human Rights," "Reasonable Accommodations; A Positve Duty to Ensure Equal Opportunity," Black History in Early Ontario," and unfairness to Individuals vs. Group Representation: A Policy Dilemman".

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