What Future For Canada? A Resource Kit on the Free Trade Issue

Year Published:  1987  
Resource Type:  Book
Cx Number:  CX3202

Abstract:  This folder assembled by GATT-Fly contains reports and pamphlets issued by other organizations on the issue of gree trade with the United States included are:
- The MacDonald Report and its Implications for Women (National Action Committee on the Status of Women)
- National Farmers union Submission to the Specail Joint Committee on Canada's International Relations
- Free Trade: A Statement of Concern (The United Church Working Group on the Economy and Poverty)
- Brief to the Ontario Selection Committee on Economic Affairs Dealing With Bilateral Trade (Ontario
Federation of Labour)
- Straight Talk on Free Trade (Canadian Labour Congress
- Fredd Trade Could Cost Us Canada (United Auto Workers) A Short Bibliography is also enclosed.

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