Showtime (A Handbook on Producung Cultural Events for Development Education)

Year Published:  1986  
Book Type:  Handbooks/Manuals

Resource Type:  Book
Cx Number:  CX3124

Abstract:  SHOWTIME is a practical guide for people who want to use theatre as a vehicle for development education. It is a comprehensive, het conicse, manual for threatrical production.

The booklet first defines the task for the performing arts promotor, and then gives step-by-step directions on all aspects of planning an event. Included are sections of budgeting, funding, contracting, defining the audience, finding a suitable space, publicity, the performers' needs, the organizing committee, voilunteers and calendar development.

Appendices give examples of financial reports, press releases and planning schedules from the 1983 performance of Guatemala's Teatro Vivo in Winnipeg. As well as selected bibliography lists books and periodicals under two headings, "On organizing public events; and "On popular theatre."

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