Windsor Yearbook of Access to Justice

Year Published:  1984  
Resource Type:  Book
Cx Number:  CX2964

Abstract:  THE WINDSOR YEARBOOK OF ACCESS TO JUSTICE was designed to be a guide of legal service in Canada. However, after compiling the material the authors saw potential for a publication with wider scope. The content changed to include global legal practices and provide background to the roots of modern law.
The first YEARBOOK was printed in 1981. An anthology of the past year's work, each book contains articles and discussions on fundamental concepts of law. Contributors from many countries have documented the current legal questions of their homelands. Some of the articles included are: "Models of the Criminal Courts; The Criminal Sentencing Process"; Against Inflating Human Rights"; and "Financial Assistance for Litigants in the Federal Republic of Germany."
Moral and historical issues are examined by judges and professors. The WINDSOR YEARBOOK was also intended as a research aid and a medium for reports on the changing legal services. Some articles are written in French.
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