Not for nothing
Women,Work & Unemployment in Newfoundland And Labrador.

Year Published:  1983  
Resource Type:  Book
Cx Number:  CX2788

Abstract:  This book analyses some of the ways working-class women in Newfoundland and Labroador attempt to support themselves and their families. Among the alternatives examined are working in fish plants, craft production, going on Unemployment Insurance and going on welfare. Parts of the book can be used as a handbook, in that they provide information about regulations, laws, organizations and funding which affect working-class women. Other parts are primarily descriptive in that they essentially paint a picture of what life on welfare, working in a fish plant, or making crafts is like now, and was like in the past, for the women involved. However, the book is intended to be more than a handbook and more than description. THe working conditions, wages and experiences described and the laws and regulations outlined are such that they force the reader to be critical. This accounts for a third element evident throughout the book: the appeal to the women affected, and others, to organize and fight back. At the present time, struggles must include resistance to attempts by industry and government to make peole's lives even farder as a way of helping to "solve" the present economic crisis. Ultimately, in the future, these struggles must go beyong maintaining the status qio to active attempts to abolish the presebt situation of low wages, job insecurity, sexist regulations and, all too often, government and employer despotism which confront women.
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