Battered and Blamed

Year Published:  1983  
Resource Type:  Film/Video
Cx Number:  CX2707

Abstract:  BATTERED AND BLAMED is a "report on wife assault from the perspective of battered women". The data provided supports a mandate for the establishment of more transition houses and other essential services for battered women. "Vancouver Transition House and the Women's Research Centre undertook this research project in an attempt to document women's situation, needs, and concerns, - to move beyond the theorical discussions of 'why' wife batering occurs to a more practical discussion of how it occurs and is perpetuated." Second, they realized that "women's groups and others who want to start transition houses and similar services required infornation about the concept and structure - physically, financially, and philosophically". Third, both groups realized that the kind of research on wife battering being done by researchs in professional agencies and academic institutions was not satisfactory, particularly because this research fails to look at the problem in the context that it actually occurs.

The first section of the report presents case histories of six battered women, recorded by Vancouver Transition House workers. The second section is a description of th physical, physchological, and sexual aspects of wife assault, by the women themselves. The third section of the report is an analysis of ways of dealing with the consequences of wife battering. Finally, conculsions and recommendations are presented as a reflection of the accounts, concerns, and needs of Vancouver Transition House residents and workers who participated in the research project.

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