Peace Unearth: A Directory Of Canadian Peace Organizations With International Concerns

Year Published:  1982  
Resource Type:  Book
Cx Number:  CX2613

Abstract:  PEACE UNEARTH is an annotated directory of more than 150 Canadian organizations concerned with various aspects of peace and development. Quite offten such groups work in isolation from one another, sometimes in ignorance of the other's existance. PEACH UNEARTH is intended to help them overcome that isolation.

Entries are based upon information provided by the organizations. No attempt is made to assess or analyse the organizations from any particular perspective. The organizations are cross-referenced in two indices, by region and by subject category. Subject categories include disarmament, development, human rights, nuclear energy, peace education, and militarism. The directory contains an Anglophone and Francophone section. Bilingual organizations are listed in each of these sections.

The formation of a satisfactory definition of "peace organization" was problematic, the author notes. While her working definition of such organizations was "grouping working for nonviolent social change," it proved impossible to apply this definition in a rigid fashion, especially in human rights and solidarity areas.

The first edition of the directory is expected to be available in June 1982. Distribution will be promoted among schools, universities, churches, public libraries, and peace organizations. Cheques, payable to the mennonite Central Committee (Manitoba), should accompany orders.

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