"Today is one of the most tragic days in the history of the Jewish people"
One American Jew’s response to the Gaza massacre


Publisher:  Mondoweiss
Date Written:  16/05/2018
Year Published:  2018  
Resource Type:  Article
Cx Number:  CX22490

Today is one of the most tragic days in the history of the Jewish people. It is time to "break the silence," to invoke the Israeli soldier organization Breaking the Silence. When will we stand up, as human beings, as a committee and as a Temple, to condemn the massacre of Palestinians on the Gaza border? The dictionary definition of massacre is "an indiscriminate and brutal slaughter of people." That is what occurred and is occurring. We can never say we did not know.



In this, the “Gaza Spring,” the IDF has killed more than 80 Palestinians and maimed and wounded 10,000 more. Not one Israeli casualty, not a scratch. No guns on the “other“ side just burning tires and “deadly” kites. Why do I have images of David and Goliath (except this time Goliath is winning)?

Why do I have images of people who after 70 years of exile, want to go home, to return to their homes? Are the Palestinians, in the face of the Israeli Goliath, the new Jews? Their struggle brings to my mind images of the Jews on the Exodus on a hunger strike while running the British blockade and siege only to be captured and sent to detention and barbed wire in Cyprus. The Palestinians in Gaza are trying to break the Israeli siege.

We as Jews who remember the Holocaust and the victimization of the Jewish people stand in solidarity with the new Jews. If we don’t stand up and say no, we are complicit in murder, plain and simple.

The massacre of Palestinians by those who claim to represent the Jewish people is by far the most painful and shameful aspect of today. The second most painful and shameful aspect is the besmirching of the holy city of Jerusalem, which is a Palestinian and Jewish and Christian and Muslim and international city.

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