The Nukeson Saga

Publisher:  Paul Mason, c/o The Birch Park Alliance, OPIRG,, Peterborough, Canada
Year Published:  1981  
Resource Type:  Book
Cx Number:  CX2174

Abstract:  This anti-nuclear play was written specifically for use by Cookie Jar Theatre Productions, a group of four Trent University students operating on a summer youth employment grant. Members of the theatre group then wrote lyrics and put together music to complement the scripts. It was performed last summer as a children's play under the title, "Oh My Darlington". The play is available to anti-nuclear groups willing to perform it.

The play is written in true fairytale style. The villain of the story is queen Calamity, who, with self-imposed authority, orders Marilyn, the Magician, to create a servant "more powerful than anything else in the world". Marilyn obeys, conjuring up an old spell to create Nukeson, a powerful beast with terrifying strength. Problems of course develop, but the story ends happily with the end of Queen Calamity's ruthless power.

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