Letter From Mexico


Publisher:  Insurgent Notes
Date Written:  08/01/2017
Year Published:  2017  
Resource Type:  Article
Cx Number:  CX21682

The editors of Insurgent Notes sent a couple of articles on Mexico from the Financial Times to our Mexico correspondent to check their accuracy. The following is his reply.



Here in Mexico, Trump's victory was seen as a disaster for our government and its begging bowl, which views the chains of NAFTA as a blessing. The government and the Mexican political parties went to ridiculous extremes, even distributing T-shirts with Hillary's picture. Today, January 1, the government imposed a major increase in the price of gasoline, because with the fall of oil prices and the imbecilic privatization of PEMEX, it has run out of resources, and thus prefers to charge higher taxes through the gasoline price. This will set off inflation. At the same time, they are preparing laws to legalize the presence of the army in the streets, presumably to pursue the "war on drugs" but in reality preparing for repression and the next electoral fraud in 2018. The recent article in the Financial Times reflects the perception of Mexican people: the debacle of Pena Nieto and of the PRI, and global winds which are setting the stage for amlo as the next winner.
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