Radical Ruptures Emerging from Global Wageworkers

Kranti, Kamunist

Publisher:  Insurgent Notes
Date Written:  03/08/2017
Year Published:  2017  
Resource Type:  Article
Cx Number:  CX21676

The following notes were the basis of a contribution to the internationalist communist summer meeting organized by TPTG, Underground Tunnel and friends, July 11–17, 2017, in Greece.



In a time when ongoing social processes have opened up the possibility of complete annihilation of our (and other) species, activities among wageworkers are fostering an optimistic counter-force. This emergence of global wageworkers has been accompanied by increasing social death and murder faced by peasants, artisans, and the almost complete extinction of non-market societies. These sections have existed in great numbers in Asia, Africa and Latin America till recently, just as they once were in Europe and North America. However, with the introduction of electronics in the production processes, their desperation has spiraled up, and continues to increase. Whether this desperation has led to widespread slaughter between these sections in the guise of different identities, or whether they have taken to killing themselves in alarming numbers, the signs are blared clearly in the mass media for the world to watch. A peasant who kills himself is pitiable for civic consciousness and sets the discourse for welfare, whereas one that channels their rage outwards is considered a menace to be weeded out. Hence, questions such as which factions are at loggerheads in Syria, the dynamics of new regimes, or what welfare measures states have planned to make the social death of these sections slower are all dead ends. What is usually discussed as "national/international affairs" is bereft of any considerations of the social questions, and is more or less akin to betting on horse-races, replacing horses with nato, Russia, Rojava and so on. The terrain of these debates is statism, and hence to be avoided.
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