On the Grenfell Towers Fire


Publisher:  Insurgent Notes
Date Written:  03/08/2017
Year Published:  2017  
Resource Type:  Article
Cx Number:  CX21675

Still working on things in relation to Grenfell as something that belongs to a more long-term development -- if you like, a culmination of so many cover-ups since the advent of brutalised Thatcherism as the neoliberal agenda unfolded during the last 40 years or so.



This is not so around Grenfell. It's as though despite the hideous gentrification surrounding the tower, radical Notting Hill has been reinvented even if in a somewhat welcome turbulent and confused way. Rank'n' file tenant groupings seem to be springing up all over after the inspiring spontaneous help-outs organised by Christian, Muslim, and other faiths centered on Trad Dad places of baneful worship. However, an even more baneful ruling class on Grenfell's doorstep during this horrific event proved to be worse than appalling. The latter are now utterly discredited and, more importantly, utterly demoralised, even terrified of the London mob again appearing on their fekking doorsteps.

Old radical Notting Hill -- as we've long said -- has dipped away towards its peripheries to the big social housing estates of Lancaster West, in the middle of which is Grenfell Tower, together with a newly repopulated Wormwood Scrubs as its playground, where great encounters among many different peoples have become the order -- or rather disorder -- of the day. A place where gays (many are Muslim) openly fuck in the long grass and Muslim school gals have fistfights shouting out endless fucks at the top of their voices, pleasantly kept in a kind of Queensbury Rules of white and black school chums. (For sure it's great but do their Mums know they carry on like this? Hey Mum ease up gal!)
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