Trump's Road to Ruin

Publisher:  Against the Current
Date Written:  01/03/2017
Year Published:  2017  
Resource Type:  Article
Cx Number:  CX21534

The editors address Trump's early assaults on democratic principles and institutions, from the snarling menace of his "America First" inaugural address, to his cabinet of multi-millionaire and billionaire reactionaries, to the pending removal of millions of people from health insurance, to assaulting women's reproductive rights and attempting to bar Muslim travelers, to attacking Black youth and every vulnerable population.



The Trump gang declared war not only on refugees who can't fight back, but also - by promising to withdraw from the Paris climate agreement - on Nature, an adversary that's undefeated and won't be intimidated by gag orders on climate scientists. On the other hand, Trump won the well-deserved support of Geert Wilders, the Netherlands politician who's campaigning to ban Islam and bring down the European Union, the French ultra-rightist Marine Le Pen, and the Greek neo-Nazis of Golden Dawn. Donald Trump, along with Vladimir Putin, have become twin white hopes of the rising pseudo-populist, racist and anti-immigrant forces in a whole series of European states.

The imperial Middle East mess that Trump has made even worse, and the damage he's wreaking in Europe and potentially on the world economy, all need to be discussed in their own right. Here we want to focus on the politics of ruin and resistance in the United States.

Executive orders have come with such speed - many apparently issuing from the toxic lagoon known as the mind of top advisor Steve Bannon - that observers find it difficult to understand whether Trump is following a well-planned strategic rightwing agenda, employing "shock and awe" tactics to overwhelm opposition, or is unhinged.
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