The Red Army Faction, A Documentary History - Volume 1
Projectiles For the People

Smith, J.; Moncourt, Andre eds.
Publisher:  PM Press
Year Published:  2009  
Pages:  736pp   ISBN:  978-1-60486-029-0
Resource Type:  Book
Cx Number:  CX21174

An in-depth political history of the Red Army Faction (RAF) which, in resistance to imperialism and state repression, was devoted to carrying out armed attacks within the Federal Republic of Germany.


Publisher's Description: For the first time ever in English, this volume presents all of the manifestos and communiqués issued by the RAF between 1970 and 1977, from Andreas Baader's prison break, through the 1972 May Offensive and the 1975 hostage-taking in Stockholm, to the desperate, and tragic, events of the "German Autumn" of 1977. The RAF's three main manifestos -- The Urban Guerilla Concept, Serve the People, and Black September -- are included, as are important interviews with Spiegel and le Monde Diplomatique, and a number of communiqués and court statements explaining their actions.
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