Health Care and the Impact of Religious and Cultural Law and Customs

Publisher:  The Canadian Council of Christians and Jews, Toronto, Canada
Year Published:  1980  
Resource Type:  Book
Cx Number:  CX2101

Abstract:  This handbook (expected publication, spring 1981) is being designed as a reference guide for hospital administrative, medical, nursing, dietary, social work staffs and others, on the subject of religious and cultural attitudes and positions they are likely to encounter that will differ from standard health practices.

The handbook will describe the various religious attitudes, either in religious law or in practice towards such subjects as birth, circumcision, drug therapy, blood transfusions, abortions, sterilization, amputation, dietary practices, care and disposal of the dead, psychiatric treatment, etc. these will then be compared with secular law and standard health practice.

This handbook claims that the relationship of the patient to the health care service is largely influenced by a variety of religious and cultural considerations by which the patient may feel bound. In promoting and protecting the rights of the patients, the handbook is intended not only to minimize conflict which may arise with secular law and with usual health care practices, but also provide a fuller understanding and awareness of the religious and cultural attitudes of patients and thereby a greater sensitivity and responsiveness to the multi-religious nature of society.

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