Red Terror: Anti-Corbynism and Double Standards

Davidson, Jaime

Publisher:  CounterPunch
Date Written:  22/05/2017
Year Published:  2017  
Resource Type:  Article
Cx Number:  CX20765

A defence oif Jeremy Corbyn, the leader of the British Labour party.



Since he was elected leader on a wave of popular grassroots party support, one of the most frequently-aired criticisms of Jeremy Corbyn, the leader of the British Labour Party, has concerned his long-term support for a united Ireland, his open affiliation with senior Sinn Fein politicians during the Troubles in Northern Ireland and his unapologetic defence of the armed campaign of the Provisional Irish Republican Army. I suspect many on the left will share his views and sympathies. I certainly support the manifesto the Labour Party has produced for the forthcoming general election, will vote for it enthusiastically, and have passionately defended Corbyn against attacks both inane and hypocritical. I have a slightly unusual take on Northern Ireland compared with many with whom I share a broad political outlook though, and certainly compared with Corbyn. I hope that by sharing my misgivings in detail, it will strengthen my eventual defence of Corbyn.
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