What Makes Climate Science Deniers Change Their Minds? A Reddit Confessional Gave Us a Rare Insight

Kirk, Karin

Publisher:  Desmog
Date Written:  26/04/2017
Year Published:  2017  
Resource Type:  Article
Cx Number:  CX20652

An AskReddit discussion poses a tantalizing question, "Former climate deniers, what changed your mind?"
Responses to the query offer a rare glimpse into the processes of how some people switch camps, outgrowing their parents' values, having trans-formative experiences, or being worn-down by continually mounting scientific evidence.



About a third of the commenters started off their post by discussing underlying reasons they originally rejected climate science. Of those, the most common involved beliefs of their family members.

I denied it through middle school, mostly because my family rigorously shot it down whenever it was remotely mentioned.

I grew up actively and obnoxiously denying climate change because my dad told me it wasn't real.

The Reddit commenters pointed to partisan and tribal values as the second most-common basis of their earlier climate change denial.

I never really questioned my opinion on climate change for a while; a lot of people I know denied climate change, so I figured they must be right.

I had kinda developed the idea that liberals were the "bad guys."

… raised Republican. Naturally, I believed climate change is leftist bullshit.

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