Renewable Energy
Cleaner, Fairer Ways To Power The Planet

Chivers, Danny
Publisher:  Between the Lines
Date Written:  16/09/2015
Year Published:  2015  
Pages:  176pp   ISBN:  9781771132367
Resource Type:  Book
Cx Number:  CX18425

Few people doubt the threat of climate change and the urgent need to conquer fossil fuel addiction. But can renewable sources of energy ever be sufficient to provide modern societies with a decent quality of life? This book is clear. They can. And it outlines the strategies to break the barriers to a 100% renewable world.


Table of Contents

Foreword: by Kim Bryan
Chapter 1: Solar Power
Chapter 2: Wind Power
Chapter 3: Hydroelectric Power
Chapter 4: Heat from Earth, Air and Water
Chapter 5: Wave and Tidal Power
Chapter 6: Fuel Crops
Chapter 7: Energy from 'Waste'
Chapter 8: Renewables Versus Fossil Fuels
Chapter 9: How Much Energy Do We Need?
Chapter 10: A 100-Per-Cent Renewable World?
Chapter 11: Whose Renewable Future?
Chapter 12: Making it Happen

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